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LCD Writing Tablet 10.5″ Inch Multicolor Electronic Graphics Tablet

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LCD writing board is a color LCD writing board, using advanced 10.5″-inch LCD color screen, non-radiation, safe to use. The LCD writing board with rich colors and high resolution allows children to use their imagination and enjoy! The pressure-sensitive liquid crystal writing surface lets your writing or drawing appear without delay. The tablet can be reused at least 10,0000 times. Don’t worry it can’t erase the image! Just click the button and the image disappears without a trace. Built-in button battery, the tablet lasts for 12 months, and ultra-low energy consumption. and can be easily replaced. Added smart lock function to lock the screen in case you accidentally press Un-clock to delete all drawings. Eco-friendly color LCD writing pad, no longer spend money on paper and pen. This sketchpad is like endless paper, you can draw, write, doodle, take notes, and even serve as a memo in the office anytime, anywhere. Portable and durable, it can easily slip into a briefcase, backpack or other bag.
  • EYE PROTECTION, EASY TO VIEW: JUMPER writing tablet is made of reliable ABS materials, pressure sensitive LCD, radiation and glare-free to protect your eyes. 10.5″ inches screen, apply the newest flexible liquid crystal technology, brighter and clearer than most LCD writing tablet.
  • ENVIRONMENTALLY ECONOMIC: The electronic graphics tablet can write about 100,000 times with a clearance button. Only one coin battery is needed to replace the traditional battery. The coin battery is easy to buy and one doodle pad can only protect the environment but also help you save much money.
  • ALWAYS ON AND READY TO USE: The doodle pad features pressure sensitivity that lets you draw thick and thin lines based on the pressure on your pen, just like using a pen and paper, perfect drawing tablet for kids, designers, and deaf-mute people. Naturally writing or drawing experience, without any delay.
  • FOR ALL AGES: It is not only the kid’s tablet for them to draw, arithmetic, spelling, and learning assistant, but also it is the best drawing pad for adults to make some notes, memo messages at office. Also, it is the best family message board for you to leave messages to your families, lovers. Most importantly, it’s the best learning toy for kids quarantine at home.
  • PORTABLE & EASY to USE: This writing board is ultra-thin and light (only 0.35lb), fits easily into a purse, scheduler, briefcase or backpack. Its battery can last for 12 months (battery included) and easy to replace when exhausted.



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